RCB Industries, Inc. designs and installs Structured Cabling Systems and custom cable systems which make up the physical layer required for all computer and telephone connections. Structured Cabling is the industry standard way to connect computer and phone systems to the work station.

Structured Cabling Benefits
  • Give every office and work station standardized connectivity
  • Reduce computer and phone cable reconfiguration associated with personnel moves and changes
  • Establish in-house control of connected work stations using patch panels
  • Numbered outlets and color coded jacks for easy identification
  • Easy migration and system upgrades
Consulting Services
  • BICSI Member with RCDD on staff
  • Architectural design specifications for Commercial Buildings
  • Building Entrance Facility specifications
  • Building cable pathways and spaces design for Physical Layer installation
  • Data and Telecom room design
  • Bid Specification preparation and RFP administration
  • Design and specify itemized installation labor and material for RFP
  • Identify qualified local installation contractor
  • Perform installation site survey
  • Prepare floor plans for cable installation
  • Create jack outlet location label outline and run sheets
  • Establish installation time line
  • Provide Project Management personnel
  • Inspect new and existing installations for industry standards compliance
  • Existing Physical Layer evaluation
Network Device Installation Services
  • Install network switches, routers, media adapters and extenders
  • Install wireless access points and wireless intrusion detection devices
  • Install IP telephone sets
Copper cable Installation Services
  • 100BaseT, Gigabit & 10Gbps Network Cable Systems
  • Structured Cable System design, installation and certification
  • Custom cable system design, installation and certification
  • Category 5e and Category 6 / 6A cable for system connections
  • Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) cable scan for LAN system certification
  • Cat 5e / 6 Link and Channel testing of Cat 5e / 6 four pair cable
  • Building Entrance Demarcation: Install / extend Telco, T1, & Broadband cable and connections
  • Install outside plant (OSP) cable – aerial and underground
  • High pair count backbone & OSP cable splicing: 3M MS? Splicing System
  • Install or expand patch panel system
  • Install camera and security cable
  • Install coaxial cable for video / broadband
Fiber Optic cable Installation Services
  • Single mode (SM) and multi mode (MM) optical fiber cable installation
  • SM & MM fiber – Loose tube & tight buffered, indoor & outdoor, armored plenum & riser rated cable
  • SM & MM fiber – Strand termination on ST, SC, LC, SMA, FC & V-Pin (200┬Ám) connectors
  • SM & MM fiber – Mechanical and fusion fiber strand splicing
  • SM & MM fiber – Dual wavelength bidirectional dB loss Tier 1 testing
  • SM & MM fiber – Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Tier 2 testing
  • Detailed and summary test report records
  • DWDM & CWDM – Passive filter (MUX/DEMUX Patch Panel) installation
  • DWDM & CWDM – Active transmission equipment Test & Turn Up
Telephone System Installation Services
  • Telephone system installation – standard PBX and IP based systems
  • New cable locations, Moves-Adds-Changes, cable reuse or relocation
  • Pre-cable installation for new system or system relocation
  • Tone / trace / tag existing cable for phone or network system installation
  • Cable termination systems supported: 66(M150), 110, BIX, Belden Krone
Public Address System Sales and Service
  • Complete public address and Sound Masking system design and installation
  • Central and self amplified systems
  • Office and warehouse paging speakers
  • Telephone system access to page, alert tone and announcement control, Code Calling
  • Multiple zone & station level page adapters with all call, background music, night ring, door bell
  • Custom systems – phone control of door latch, gate, door box intercom
  • Expand existing system, relocate existing system