The Mission Statement of RCB Industries, Inc. is simple and has served us well over the years:

  • To provide the best possible environment for employee growth and satisfaction and maintain the GoldenRule in all relationships.
  • To provide comprehensive Physical Layer and Communications Systems design services to assist Commercial Business in making educated and cost effective decisions.
  • To install the highest quality cable plant for voice and data system distribution and connectivity.
  • To specify the best system hardware and equipment for each customer and recommend complete Telecom /Local Area Network /Storage Area Network connectivity design.
  • To always provide cost effective solutions with the customer's highest good in mind.
  • To develop relationships with other service and systems providers and Value Added Resellers, all of whom have customer satisfaction as their foremost concern.
  • To remain on the cutting edge of this industry through research and continuing education.
  • To consistently refine and improve processes and procedures to maintain Industry Standards and for delivery of the best possible product.